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Fact of the Month

Contrary to common perceptions of chiropractic, our focus is not on the bones of the spine, but rather on the nervous system. This is extremely important to understand because the nervous system controls every organ, cell, muscle and system in the body. Therefore, by restoring nervous system function, many patients have positive health changes throughout their entire body including their immune system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, to name a few.

We Love Our Men in Blue! Being an officer of the law is one of the highest stressed jobs both mentally & physically. We are here to help with that stress by providing you chiropractic care that is specifically targeted to your needs. Give us a call today so we can schedule you an appointment for a consultation and exam! All San Jose Police officers will receive 25% off all services!

Excerpt from The Impact of Stress and Fatigue on Law Enforcement Officers and Steps to Control It By Mark Bond, professor of criminal justice at American Military University

Effects of Fatigue on Performance

Fatigued officers:

  • *Use more sick time
  • *Have difficulty managing successful personal relationships
  • *Have time management issues (reporting for duty on time)
  • *Mistakes on departmental and court paperwork
  • *Sleeping on duty (rotating shiftwork)
  • *Generate higher rates of citizen complaints for reported misconduct
  • *Tend to have problems communicating with supervisors and have stressful relationships with superiors
  • *Problems testifying in court regarding being prepared
  • *Experience more accidental injuries on duty
  • *Early retirement (burnout)
  • *Are at a higher risk of being seriously injured or killed by not focusing and recognizing danger signs

Health Issues with Chronic Fatigue

Fatigued officers:

  • *Have impaired judgment
  • *Experience weight gain or unhealthy weight loss
  • *Increase in and presence of severe mood swings
  • *Impaired eye-hand coordination
  • *Increased anxiety or depression
  • *Increased change of substance-abuse addiction Gastrointestinal problems (loss of appetite and/or stomach ulcers)
  • *Increased reports of back pain and frequent headaches
  • *Increased chance of PTSD
  • *Inappropriate reactions to a situation (excessive use of force)
  • *Increase risk of serious health problems such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease
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    Our Latest Testimonial

    Family's Life Changing Journey To Health..... Dr. Mary Chan has become an amazing asset and life-changer for our family. I started to see her for chronic back and neck pain, which is now gone! And now our entire family sees her, our daughters, Maddy, 9 and Reagan, 5 love coming to see Dr. Mary and she helps keep them healthy with adjustments and supplements. My husband is a police officer and sees Dr. Mary regularly to help keep his body in alignment after a long week. Another big accomplishment is that Dr. Mary has also helped me get off of my anti-depressants that I had been on for a few years.

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